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About Radar

Need a great music video? Or want to make more music videos for great artists? Radar can put you in touch with the directors, labels, managers or artists you need.

- We help labels, managers & artists get great videos on affordable budgets.
- We help directors progress their careers.
- And we never promote requests to make music videos for free.


Radar gets fantastic feedback, over and over, from labels, managers, artists and directors. Recent quotes include:
"Using Radar was very easy and simple to use. We had a very short time-frame to find a director and produce a video and Radar came up trumps" Earache Records
"Once again RADAR has helped us maximise our modest budgets and make something truly worthy of a fantastic song and artist" Naim Edge Label
"We put the brief on Radar because there are many talented people in the world making music videos, and it's impossible to discover them all yourself. Everyone loves the video. We're very grateful to Radar for your role in that process" Corbu, independent artist.
"I subscribed to Radar after hearing about it at a local industry party. I've only been a member for a month or so, but its ability to offer instant access to artists both locally and abroad has already made it well worth my time, money, and effort" Colin Cooper, director

See what people are saying for yourself on our Testimonials page .

We also attract comments like these:
"...Radar has single-handedly disrupted the music video commissioning process (and it needed disrupting)..." James Barton, Crown Management
"...Radar has changed the international landscape of music video commissioning..." Rushes Soho Shorts introductory speech


Our Story

At first, Radar was a festival celebrating 'outsider' music video directors. In proper Radar style, it launched at a venue brand-new to film festivals - the Apple store on London's Regent Street. Apple were delighted with the event and the following year the Radar Festival played in Apple's seven flagship stores worldwide.
But the festival was based on spec-work, which we wanted to get away from, plus it wasn't going to scale. So Radar became what it is now, a network of great music video directors, pitching to excellent labels, managers and artists worldwide.


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You'll also hear about new features, designed to make music video directors and commissioners happier, as they go live.


Radar People

Caroline Bottomley. Started Radar. Bit of a leftie. LinkedIn
Drew Davis. Editor, filmmaker, musician, Midlander. @drewscottdavis
Heather Allen. Community & client manager.
Kristina Cook. Content & digital marketing nascent whizz. LinkedIn
Laura Stefu. Music fanatic, also works for XLRecordings. @laurastefu
Matt Zandstra and Max Guglielmino. Developers par excellence. GetInstance
Retrofuzz. Designers par excellence. Retrofuzz



Winner Silver Lovie Award for Music honouring the best internet content.
Winner Best Music Start-Up at the Music 4.5 Tech Pitch.
'Radar, a clever and useful website' The Telegraph.


Contact Us

We'e here to answer questions and offer advice if you want it. Here's Heather on admin@radarmusicvideos.com.


Languages Spoken

Between us, we can handle written enquiries in German, French, Italian and Spanish. So if you prefer to write to us in one of those languages, do go ahead.