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About Radar

Need a great music video? Or want to make more music videos for great artists? Radar can put you in touch with the directors, labels, managers or artists you need.

- We help labels, managers & artists get great videos on affordable budgets.
- We help directors progress their careers via our Director development scheme - more on that below.
- And we never promote requests to make music videos for free.


Director Development Scheme

We get a big kick from helping talented new directors really succeed.
So we created our Director Development Scheme to give all directors the means to hone their skills and progress their careers.

The scheme gives directors career know-how and access to briefs, to build and refine essential pitching, production, directing and inter-personal skills. We show directors how to achieve success in the wider world, and as that success begins to materialise, we award them Headhunted status.
The career goal for most emerging directors is to sign to a rep or production company. Headhunted status gives directors exclusive access to top-level briefs, and starts a Radar-supported relationship with our world-class rep and production company partners.
All upgraded directors on Radar can access the scheme.

Here's the components:

Develop Essential Skills

- Pitching skills
- Production skills
- Directing and editing skills
- Inter-personal skills (aka 'don't be a dick')

The briefs on Radar are opportunities to work on all of these skills.
Directors without impressive videos on their reels are more likely to win lower budget briefs.
Directors with impressive videos - and reviews or other curator support for those videos - are more likely to win higher-value briefs.

We publish articles about skills development and also hold masterclasses and webinars with leading industry experts. Check the blog for articles and upcoming events.

Create Your Career Plan

- Learn how the music video industry is structured
- Understand how to progress your career
- Find out how and when to approach curators, commissioners and reps

Check out our articles about career planning. We also hold masterclasses and webinars with leading industry experts. Check the blog for articles and upcoming events

Build Your Career Network

- Curators
- Commissioners
- Reps and Production Companies

Getting your work featured by curators is the key to achieving Headhunted status, an essential element of reaching the higher levels of Radar's development scheme.
Learn how to approach curators at all levels of your career and learn which curators pack the most punch with production companies and reps.
Our blog articles, FAQs and webinars are packed with specialist advice, links and suggestions.

Headhunted directors get exclusive access to selected top-level briefs. If you're shortlisted for these briefs, you're given much sought-after contact details for these VIP commissioners, to add to your personal network.

Our ultimate aim is to get talented directors signed to world-class production companies and reps. Our scheme helps you cut through the noise, via managed relationships, to build more meaningful relationships with the people we hope might sign you.


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