Labels, managers and artists

What is Radar? Commissioners' version

Radar is a marketplace where labels & artists find talented new music video directors.

- Commissioners with bigger budgets can access 'Headhunted directors only'.
- Smaller budget briefs can access all directors on the network.
- Briefs of all kinds can attract amazing talent.
- Radar is extremely easy to use, and for commissioners, the service is completely free.

How Radar works for labels, managers & artists

How Radar works:

- Go to post a brief and fill out the info. It takes about 10 minutes.
To privately share the track, you'll need a low grade Mp3 or link to a private Soundcloud.

- Radar is non-exclusive - ie you can post your brief on Radar as well as briefing your usual contacts.

- Depending on your budget, your brief will be promoted to Headhunted directors, or to all directors in Radar.

- Directors pitch to you by email, a copy of each pitch will also be stored in 'My Account'.
Headhunted director's pitches are marked with a star.

- To enable you to judge the director's quality and style, there is a link to one previous video by the director in each pitch.
To research directors further, there's also a link to their profile, where you'll see their bio and other videos.
Some directors have reviews on their profiles.

- Reply to directors and shortlist using the 'No Thanks' or 'Please get in touch' buttons in the email.
Your email address remains hidden to directors, unless you click 'Please get in touch'.

- View and manage pitches from your inbox.
If you prefer, you can also view and manage pitches from 'My Account' on the website.

- Follow up references for your shortlisted directors.

- Commission if you find the right director - but there's no obligation to commission.
If you do commission, it's up to you to agree contracting and all other arrangements regarding production and delivery.

- Let us know when your finished video is released - we'll promote it across our networks

Post your brief now!


- Radar is designed to keep budgets under control.
It's a condition of using Radar that directors agree to deliver the video they pitched, to time and to budget.
Commissioners similarly agree to pay the budget advertised as long as they receive the video as pitched and on time.
Full terms and conditions here.

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Premium & 'Headhunted only' briefs & budgets

Premium briefs
- get more promotion to directors.
- attract more experienced directors.
- attract more Headhunted directors, who represent a certain quality standard.
- allow commissioners to opt to ONLY get pitches from Headhunteds, by choosing the 'Headhunted only' option.

Premium briefs can be open to all directors or 'Headhunted only'.
'Headhunted only' briefs can only be Premium briefs.

Premium briefs have budgets greater than £2,000 / c$3,200 / c€2,600.

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Official music videos and Secondary content videos

There are TWO 'Post your brief' categories to choose from.
It's important to be clear which kind of video you want to commission:

Official music videos
A video used to promote a single release, a lead track. The main video for a song. This category has a higher minimum budget of $800 / €600 / £500, and reflects the higher expectations commissioners have about this content.

Secondary content videos
A video which isn't the official or lead video for a track.
Secondary content videos aren't intended to do the work of an official video, they're not used to spearhead a promotional campaign.
Secondary content videos are everything else - lyric videos, stage visuals, behind the scenes, on the road, interviews, gig footage, animated stings, EPK, B roll, album teasers, tour announcement videos and so on. They are usually used to support and drive traffic back back to the official or lead video.
These briefs can large in scope, eg a 30' documentary for $15,000. They can also be small jobs, cheaper and easier to make than the official video, which is why 'Secondary content' has a much smaller minimum budget of $150 / €130 / £100.

There can be Premium briefs in both categories.


If you post in the wrong category your brief may be flagged - this could get your account suspended.
Briefs for 'Official music videos' which are posted in the 'Secondary content' videos category, with a budget below the minimum for an Official music video, can be flagged by any director who sees it.
If the flag was unfounded, admins will remove the flag.
If the flag was accurate, the brief will be removed and you get a warning and then could get suspension.

If you're not sure in which category you should post your brief, contact us

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Posting your brief

Go to post a brief and fill out the info. It takes about 10 minutes.

Making the track available

Bear in mind only upgraded directors and admins can see your brief.
These are your 3 options for making the track available:
- Upload a low quality Mp3
- Create a private, streaming only Soundcloud link.
Here's how to do that:
First, you must make the track or playlist private. To change your track's privacy setting, go to the track you wish to change and click on the small pencil icon (http://bit.ly/YdPAxJ).
This will bring you into edit mode. From here scroll down to "settings" and click on the bubble next to the word "public" or "private". Then click "save".
Next, go to your track or playlist's 'Share' button below the waveform. From there go to the 'Embed' tab and grab the embed code to post to your website. Anyone with access behind Radar's paywall will then be able to play the tracks.
- Ask directors to post their email address in comments so you can send them a watermarked MP3.
This option will take up your time!

Seeing other briefs

Label/Artist account holders can see only details of their own briefs.
To see other live briefs, create a Director account and upgrade.

Editing briefs

Once published, briefs can only be edited by Radar admins.
If you'd like to change details in your brief, contact us using the link below and we'll update your brief for you.
Budgets can't be reduced once published.

Tips for making your briefs look great to directors on Radar:


- Include a way for directors to hear the track and see lyrics. Briefs without access to audio or lyrics attract fewer directors.
- Provide links to your label or artist sites and social media. This helps establish the identity and image of the artist.
- Include info about the artist' status and plans in your headline, eg Exciting, new artist...Successful, established artist...with large fanbase...with professional PR and campaign...on established label...etc

Creative Direction

- Decide if the artist needs to feature in the video.
If yes, state where the artist is going to be and when they'll be there.
If no or maybe, directors worldwide and animators can pitch on your brief.
- Very detailed briefs can be less interesting to directors, because they offer less creative freedom.
- It's helpful to give some creative direction by including links to videos you like and think are relevant.


- 'Official video' minimum budgets on Radar are £500, c$800, c€600. 'Secondary content' minimum budgets are $150 / €130 / £100.
- Briefs with a budget greater than £2000, $3200, €2600 are promoted as Premium briefs and will get more attention.

Production Support

- Describe production support you can give if any, like a free location or ability to supply extras.
- Schedule reasonable treatment and delivery deadlines. Set treatment deadline to Sunday rather than Friday night (unless you're planning to select a director over a weekend). Allow for two weekends before pitch deadline and at least three weeks for delivery if possible, longer for animation.

Promotion Support

- Directors will be very interested in the potential for promotion of their video if commissioned.
- Describe the promotion plans for the video, especially if it involves professional pluggers or PRs.
- Mention previous influential coverage or a substantial fan base.


If you're posting a brief with Radar for the first time or have changed your email address, you'll be sent an 'activation email' to verify your email address is correct. This ensures you can receive emails from directors responding to your brief.
If you don't receive an activation email and think you should have, make sure the email address you provided is correct and that the email hasn't been sent to your spam or junk mail folder.
Please contact us if you need us to resend your activation email.

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Replying to directors and shortlisting pitches

There are two ways to reply to directors and shortlist pitches.

1. Go to the pitch in your email inbox and click either the 'No thanks' or 'Please get in touch' button.

2. Go to the Radar website, to 'My Account' and click 'My Briefs'.
- Click the title of the brief you wish to manage and click 'View Pitches'.
- Click either the 'No thanks' or 'Please get in touch' button.

When you click the 'send no thanks' email, the director is sent an email confirming they have been unsuccessful and your address remains hidden. Sending a director a 'shortlisted' email reveals your email address and asks the director to contact you.

Commissioners are able to engage with directors anytime, but must wait until AFTER pitch deadline to make a commissioning decision.
Many directors submit pitch on the pitch deadline day.

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Crediting Radar

It helps us promote Radar if you would include 'Commissioned using Radar' on video end credits and in press releases.
Many thanks if you do, it's appreciated.

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No pitches?

Almost always this is because the budget is too low.
You're welcome to post your brief again with a higher budget.
Also see the Posting your brief FAQ above for other tips to improve response.

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Less than minimum budget?

If your video budget is below the minimum allowed on Radar, you can commission a 'Secondary Content' video, which has a lower minimum budget of £100 $120 €140.
'Secondary Content' isn't a way to commission a music video on the cheap, but it is a way to commission content you can use against your music content on video sites. For instance live or rehearsal footage, lyric videos or simple videos.

Alternatively you need to find another place to commission your video, eg:
* ask friends or fans via Twitter, Facebook, your mailing list,
* google film student websites and look for directors,
* make a slideshow from stills (where you own copyright),
* make live or rehearsal room videos.

Good luck and we hope you'll use Radar when you have more funds.

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Commissioner checklist - avoid disasters!

A checklist to help avoid problems when working with directors.

- Director's pitch. Is the pitch well-written and presented, does it give you a clear picture of what you can expect to see in the video?
Does it seem achievable by the director?
- Previous work. Past work is a pretty reliable indicator of future quality.
What are the director's other music videos like? (there's a link to one of the director's videos and another to their profile provided in their pitch).
- Social proof. Do all their links work? - director's websites, twitter, tumblr, facebook etc.
Are there any weird gaps (eg they say they've made 5 music videos but you can only see 2).
If the director is active on social media, do they seem like someone you want to work with?
- References. Check their Radar profile for reviews or contact the director and ask for people you can contact.
- Quality expectations. If you want more reassurance than you have about how the final video will look, ask for sketches, story boards or similar.
- Beware of directors offering to work for less than budget to get the work - it might encourage you to overlook other issues you might later decide are important after all.
- Other production matters to discuss and agree prior to starting work on the video, in writing and preferably using a contract:
- any increase in budget you may agree (it's against Radar terms and conditions to reduce the budget advertised),
- delivery date,
- cashflow,
- production insurance,
- rights ownership,
- sign off/ approval on casting.
NB: if you have an account on Radar, access the production centre for Radar’s exclusive and even-handed production contract deal (UK-coming soon).
- Approval schedule (often tied into cashflow).
Clarify what you expect and that you will confirm your approval at certain points, for example on first cut, rough cut, fine cut, delivery
- Kill fees.
These are not necessary, but you could agree if you're not happy with the quality of the video by a certain point in the schedule, you agree to make a payment less than the total budget to finish the relationship.

Once the video is finished, we'd love you to leave an honest review on the director's profile on Radar, for the benefit of future commissioners (the link to the director's profile is in their pitch).

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Music video directors

What is Radar? Directors' version

Radar practically helps talented music video directors progress their careers.
We are a kind of online apprenticeship / university / talent shop, designed to help emerging music video directors achieve career goals.
Ultimately, we help talented directors sign to the best production companies and reps worldwide.

We do this via:
- Sourcing between 30 and 60 music video briefs per month for directors to pitch to.
Briefs come from major and independent labels, managers and artists worldwide. All have budgets.
- Partnerships with leading production companies and reps worldwide.
- Creating expert articles and running online interviews with industry experts.
- Supporting a director-only forum, for war-stories, mutual learning, fun and occasional freebies.
- Providing the 'Headhunted' system, to recognise and connect developed director talent to the wider professional industry.

How Radar works for directors

How Radar works:

Create a free account

and complete your profile.
- you're added to the Radar newsletter list (worldwide).
- you get previews of all new briefs, with details of budget, location and deadline (worldwide).
- access member-only articles in the blog (worldwide).
- access the production centre for Radar's exclusive and even-handed production contract deal (UK-coming soon).

Upgrade your account

costs between £6.99, c$11, c€9 and £12.99 c$20, c€16.50 per month
- access and pitch on live briefs (worldwide)
- join the forum - jump right in or lurk for a while (worldwide)
- participate in industry expert interviews (worldwide)
- access the production centre for our exclusive production insurance deal (UK-coming soon)

Use the Headhunted feature

This recognises and connects developed director talent.
Headhunted status is given according to specific and strictly applied criteria, which can be worked toward at any stage of Radar membership.
Headhunted directors can:
- access all briefs, including high-status commissioner 'Headhunted only' briefs
- participate in Headhunted networking, which connects directors online to leading production companies and reps worldwide.

Private directors' Forum

Upgraded directors can access a private Radar directors' forum, currently on Facebook

The forum is a private place for directors to connect and:
- swap war stories
- trade contacts
- support each other
- share work
- arrange group meet-ups
- advise us at Radar
- enjoy themselves
- and occasionally, get freebies and discount offers.

Details of how to join the Forum are sent out when you upgrade your account.
If you're already upgraded and you'd like to join, email Kristina

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Headhunted - career progression

The Headhunted system is made up of the best directors in the Radar network.
Headhunted directors can:
- access all briefs, including high-status commissioner 'Headhunted only' briefs
- participate in Headhunted networking, which connects directors online to some of the world's best production companies and reps.

We help all directors on Radar to work toward Headhunted status.

Why it works for high-status commissioners

- Headhunted directors represent a certain quality standard, similar to other directors those commissioners are used to working with.
- The Headhunted system reduces risk, increases confidence and saves time by eliminating directors from the pitch pool who aren't ready for higher-status briefs.

Why it works for production companies and reps

- Radar's Headhunted criteria are similar to standards those production companies and reps apply to their own scouting effort.
- The Headhunted system shortlists talented directors and facilitates longer term relationships.

Why it works for directors

- Headhunted status confers an accepted quality standard, which makes it easy for Radar to connect directors to high-status commissioners and to the best production companies and reps worldwide.
- These connections are pretty much essential for directors who want to develop a sustainable high-level career.

Headhunted criteria

Videos must have been featured by the following trusted curators:

Music video press curators:
- 1point4
- 2Pause (nb no longer accepting submissions)
- BeakStreetBugle
- Booooooom
- Bug
- Creativity
- Creative Review
- David's Video Zoo
- Dazed Digital
- Motionographer
- Little Black Book
- PromoNews AND one other from this list
- Shots
- Stash
- Submarine
- The Curious Brain
- VideoStatic - editorial features only, please do not add links to self-submitted Videostatic features in your bio section.
- Vimeo Staff Picks

Music video festivals curators:
- Aesthetica Short Film Fest
- Born Shorts
- Brief Encounters Film Festival
- D&AD
- Encounters
- IMVF Paris
- one dot zero
- Saatchi and Saatchi New Directors Showcase
- Sundance
- SxSW Film
- Young Directors Award
Shortlists and awards are both relevant.

How to claim Headhunted Director status

Go to your bio in your Radar profile and add links to the feature/s which mention your music video and / or the awards which recognise your music video.
Reviews need to be less than 18 months' old.
Add other music videos or representative work - enough to give a flavour of your style and approach.
Not all the videos on your profile need to have featured on curator sites.

Send the link for your updated Radar profile link to Kristina.
Emails sent without the link to your Radar profile won't be considered!
If Kristina has given you Headhunted status, but you haven't joined the Headhunted network of production companies and reps, please contact Kristina.

Not ready for Headhunted yet?

We help all directors on Radar to work toward Headhunted status. Check out how we do this here.


The aim is to enable engagement between new music video director talent and the production companies and reps who may want to sign them.
The list can include directors signed for commercials - and it can include directors already signed who would like to keep their name current within the professional community.
More details about how the Headhunted system operates become available on director's profiles, after Headhunted status has been awarded.

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Becoming Headhunted

How get Headhunted:
The system is based on getting your work recognised by trusted curators.
so, basically

Make great videos
Get a trusted curator to choose them.

There are other great pointers for good work, we know.
But we have to use sources which our priority commissioners trust.
Whilst, for instance, great client lists are very persuasive, they're not quite as dependable as whether work has been selected by a trusted curator.
If Radar isn't trusted, we don't get the briefs.
Whilst this isn't a perfect system, it's close and it matches what commissioners tell us they want.

For more experienced directors, playing this game might be a pain, but accessing the many benefits of having Headhunted status is, we hope, worth it.

If you get coverage and think you qualify for Headhunted status (please check out the FAQ first), update your profile and send Kristina@radarmusicvideos.com a link to your profile.

For directors nearer the beginning of their careers, here's more pointers on achieving Headhunted status:

- Pitch on a lot of briefs, get commissioned. Radar's a good source and use your other contacts too.
'Make more videos' is the most common advice we hear from successful directors about developing skills.
Choose briefs for good tracks, obviously - it's hard to get features, premieres or awards for great videos to not-so great tracks.
Choose briefs for commissioners who'll do a good job of promoting the video. Directors are rarely in a position to secure premieres, so you're dependent on the commissioner/their organisation to do this.

- Secure press coverage or awards for your videos.
Approach music video press yourself for features. We recommend titles on this list in Headhunted Directors FAQs "Music video press curators"
Approach festivals and awards. Check out the list "Music video festivals curators" over in Headhunted Director FAQs.

- Read specialist articles,
like 'How to Develop a Career as a Music Video Director' and 'How to Get Press Coverage for you Videos' in the Radar blog.

- Pick up tips from other directors. Go and hang out in the Forum on Facebook.

- Read music video press - see titles in the Headhunted FAQ,
Check out interviews with industry experts - we do occasional online interviews, details in the Forum.

Having trouble getting commissioned?

If you're having trouble getting commissioned, these tips may help:
- There are some briefs which don't attract many/any pitches - they're usually ones with lower budgets but no doubt the label/artist still very much want a video. Lower your sights for a while, pitch for lower budget briefs and build your reel. Every successful director says the best way to improve is to make more videos.
- Make sure your profile is up to date and you have links to favourable coverage of your music videos and other work.
- We asked music video experts How to write better pitches. Have a read, it's all good stuff.

Meanwhile, no need to feel left out - there are plenty of great briefs from great labels and artists open to all directors.
Great videos are made through Radar by non-Headhunted directors every month.

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Notification of new briefs

There are two ways to get notifications of new briefs:

- Social media.
New brief previews are automatically posted to @radarmusicvideo on Twitter and RadarMusicVideos on facebook.
- Email.
Sign up for a free account and you receive daily or weekly digests of new briefs.
Headhunted directors can opt to receive special email digests only about new Premium Briefs.
Unsubscribe, resubscribe and manage email notifications in 'Settings' in your account.

When you see work that interests you upgrade your account and access all live briefs.
Pitch on as many or as few 'open to all' briefs as you like.
Some higher value briefs may be open to Headhunted directors only, as part of our career progression system.

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Who got commissioned?

The current month's News blog post has the newest updates of who's been commissioned and for what. We also promote commissioning news in the monthly newsletters.
If youre commissioned drop us a line to let us know.
And get in touch when the video is released so we can help promote it.

Has this answered your question? If not, please contact us

Profiles and representative videos

It's important to keep profiles up to date, as they're actively used by commissioners.

- Nominate one of your videos which best represents your work.
A link to this video will be included in each of your pitches, to be used by commissioners to make an initial assessment about your quality of work.

- Each pitch you submit also includes a link to your profile. Commissioners click through to judge your bio and your wider work.

- Directors applying for Headhunted status need to link to qualifying work in their profile.
See Headhunted - career progression for more details.

To edit your profile, go to My Account. From there you can update your bio, add videos, change email notification settings, your avatar and your password.

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To send pitches for briefs, you need an upgraded account.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up here for a free account.
You'll begin to get the new brief notifications so can decide if and when you'd like to upgrade.
(manage email notifications in 'Settings' in 'My Account').
To see briefs in full and submit pitches, upgrade here.

- Once you're upgraded, sign in, and click the 'Submit pitches' button on the briefs page.
This brings up a form pre-filled with your name, email address and link to your Radar profile.
- Enter your pitch in the text box provided and attach files.
- Provide a link to one of your videos you feel best represents your work.
- Click 'send' to email to the commissioner.

The budget advertised is to cover all costs, including fees, travel and subsistence, unless stated otherwise.
The budget value is determined by the currency posted by the label/artist.
Directors working with a different local currency need to calculate the budget's value, local to them, taking into account currency conversion and that the converted value could increase or decrease by the time payments are made.

Pitches can't be edited once sent, so be sure to send a pitch you're happy with.
Pitches can be submitted up 23.59 GMT on pitch deadline day.

The commissioner will contact you if they want to discuss your pitch or require any further information from you.
We strongly encourage all commissioners to respond to all pitches
If you haven't heard from a commissioner after 5 days or so and if there is no news on the blog, email Lisa@radarmusicvideos.com and ask her to follow up for you.
We're always interested in ideas to improve pitch response and we usually have a new feature addressing this on the development roadmap. If you'd like to suggest improvements, please drop us a line.

There isn't a standard pitching format - but see Good pitching for advice.
Pick up tips from legendary music video director Dougal Wilson, in this primitive video made by us in Radar's very early days.
Also visit Keith Schofield to look at winning and rejected pitches from a well-known music video director

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Radar credits

Please can you add 'commissioned via Radar' to either the end board and / or text credits for your video.
It's much appreciated and helps spread the word about what we do.
Thank you.

If you'd like a copy of our logo, just ask

, or you're welcome to cut and paste from the header or footer (different versions).

Upgrades, downgrades and account management

Account status, payments and receipts

Your status - free, upgraded or downgraded - can be seen in your account
You're also able to check your payment history there.
Upgraded directors are sent a receipt when a payment is made, with all details needed for accounting.

Upgrading and downgrading

If you have upgraded, your access and payment will automatically renew.
To cancel your upgrade renewal, downgrade here.
Click on 'Settings' and then click 'downgrade now'.
Your access to briefs will continue until your already-paid-for period runs out.
After then if you want to see briefs again, just click on 'Upgrade' in your profile page or the 'Upgrade' link on the very top menu.
You can also request manual cancellation by admins ahead of renewal, which will be carried out free of charge.
You will receive confirmation of cancellation - please don't assume your renewal has been cancelled until you receive that confirmation.
If you'd like more help, there's a step-by-step guide to downgrading over on the blog.

Managing emails

Manage which emails you want to receive in 'Settings' in 'My Account'.


It is your responsibility to manage your payments and to downgrade if you don't want your access and payment to renew.
The following rules apply to late cancellation refunds:
- Refund request up to 48 hours following re-subscription, £10 UKP administration fee will be deducted from the refund.
- Refund request between 48 to 72 hours following re-subscription, £15 UKP administration fee or the full subscription amount, whichever is the lesser, will be deducted from the refund.
- Refund request after 72 hours following re-subscription, no refund will be given.
The following rules apply to new account refunds:
- Refund request up to 24 hours following sign-up, £20 UKP administration fee will be deducted from the refund.
- Refund request after 24 hours following sign-up, no refund will be given.

Account deletion

If you have an account you wish to completely remove from the site, please contact us and we'll delete it for you.

Has this answered your question? If not, please contact us

Can I contact artists / labels direct?

Unless you've been shortlisted by the commissioner (at which point they give you their email and ask you to get in touch)
we strongly recommend you don't do this.

Commissioners frequently use Radar precisely because we give them a managed and focused commissioning service.
Many artists do not want to be approached directly by music video directors and do not welcome it.
From our experience, the occasional directors who have used Radar to find briefs and then followed up outside Radar, have not gained competitive advantage, but rather have annoyed the people they were hoping to impress.
If you're not able to communicate the information you would like via our pitching system, please contact us.

Trust, money and protection

Who are the commissioners on Radar?

Chances are you'll recognise many of the commissioners on Radar.
But when you don't, here's tips for checking them out:
- Every commissioner has to include a website link in the brief - follow the link, do they look like a legitimate entity?
- Find the artist's social media, does the artist seem like a legitimate entity?
- Use common sense about briefs - do they seem realistic?
- Directors are welcome to alert us to any briefs that appear suspicious, we can remove them instantly if necessary.


It is standard practise for professional production companies to cashflow the entire cost of production of a music video.
However, Radar's directors are assumed to have limited access to cashflow, so we recommend commissioners agree to forward 50% of budget prior to shooting, and the remainder on delivery of the master.
We recommend commissioners never agree to pay 100% of budget prior to delivery of the master, unless they have worked with the director before and in addition, have exceptional reasons to pay 100% up front. Directors pitching via Radar therefore need to consider how they will fund half the costs of the video until delivery of the master.

Will commissioners pay the budget?

- Radar has the facility to ban commissioners who misuse the site, eg who refuse to pay the budget they advertise.
- We always recommend commissioners and directors use a contract. If you don't have one, or would prefer to use a more even handed contract, UK members will soon be able to download a simple, robust and affordable contract from Radar.

Are ideas protected?

- Your idea is as protected as it would be if you were pitching via a rep or production company.
- Only the director concerned, the commissioner who posted the brief and site admins can see pitches on the website.
- We add a note to all emailed pitches, reminding readers the pitch is copyright to the writer.
- Directors concerned about use of their idea by another may wish to contact the commissioner concerned - if you do, please cc admin@radarmusicvideos.com
- Some briefs will generate similar pitches because of the subject matter, it's also important to take zeitgeist into account. Directors may find the legendary Dougal Wilson's advice useful

Has this answered your question? If not, please contact us


Resources for labels, managers and artists

There are loads of articles you might find useful over on our blog, including
Music Video Promo Strategies, a Radar Guide
Timeline for Promoting a UK Single Release, a Radar Guide
A Rough Guide to Sexism in The Music Video Industry
The Album is Dead! Introducing a Timeline For Promoting an EP Release
A Quick Guide to Music-related Multi-Channel Networks
How to Set a Budget for a Music Video

There are links to services you might find useful over in Collaborations, where there's also occasional special offers.

Has this answered your question? If not, please contact us

Resources for directors

As well as the articles already mentioned in this 'Resources' section, there are others you might find useful over on our blog, including
How to create better pitches
10 Great Performance Music Videos
Music Video Promo Strategies, a Radar Guide
A Rough Guide to Sexism in The Music Video Industry
How to Set a Budget for a Music Video

There are links to services you might find useful over in Collaborations, where there's also occasional special offers.

Has this answered your question? If not, please contact us

Contact us

Email and address

Here's our email, you'll get Heather, our Client Manager.

This is our mailing address:
PO Box 68976
NW26 9EW